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E commerce brief

Remember, every ‘mistake’ your customer makes, it’s not because they’re stupid. It’s because your website sucks Your most unhappy customers are your most important source of learning “Data Data Data! I can’t make bricks without clay”

Great e-commerce branding is all about creation, ideas, and relationships. Focus on bringing a positive energy into the world and make your brand one that people remember for the right reasons. Be authentic. When you’re running any kind of business, customer service needs to be at the forefront of everything you do. Instead of shoving customer service into a corner, it really needs to be ingrained in the whole culture of your company. Having great customer service at the centre of your brand will increase your longevity; advertising can only get you so far. Your customers need to believe in your company and your product, and great customer service is the way to do this


For you to achieve your goals, visitors must first achieve theirs

In order to achieve your goal (i.e. selling your product), you first need to understand what visitors are looking for. You also need to help them towards this goal — think about the customer journey and customer satisfaction.

Each landing page on your site needs to load quickly, and be clear and use-friendly. Helping your visitors towards achieving their goal by being effective in this way will result in a higher conversion rate on your site.